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July 1st Changes
From July 1st 2009 the regulations covering premium rate have changed. Fines are currently being issued for compliance failure. Beware of providers not adhering to the new regulations.
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SMS Information

SMS Short Message Service

The use of SMS is more popular than ever with nearly all mobile users taking advantage of this simple form of communication. Having originated in Europe the format has taken longer to take hold in the US, but even there usage is growing quickly.

SMS is an acronym for 'Short Message Service' and is often abbreviated to 'text'. SMS simply sends text between mobile phones, or from a PC or PDA to a mobile, such as in SMS-Messaging's Email-to-SMS service.

'Short' refers to the 160 English character limit. Most mobile service providers will automatically break any message longer than 160 characters into messages of 160 characters or less, delivered as several messages.

SMS Convenience

SMS communication is more discreet, and often less time-consuming, than a phone conversation or sending an e-mail. The mobile phone can be used anywhere making SMS one of the most convenient forms of communication.

SMS is a store-and-forward service as the message is not directly delivered to the recipient's mobile phone. The advantage being that the mobile phone doesn't have to be active, or in range of a tower, to be sent a message. The message is stored until it is able to be delivered.

In addition to person-to-person messages, SMS can be used to send a message to large numbers of people at once. This is supplied by SMS-Messaging via it's Bulk SMS service.

SMS is integrated into a large array of entertainment and information services such as Mobile Phone Content including Ringtones and Wallpapers, Text Chat and Dating, Medication Appointment Reminders, Information services including Weather Alerts and Astrological Predictions, Staff and Disaster Recovery Alerts, On-Pack Competitions and Bulk SMS Marketing.

These services often utilize Premium Rate SMS to charge for the cost of the service and can generate significant revenues for business in addition to the promotional and marketing benefits.

MMS Messages

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) allows the sending of pictures, animations, audio and video files in addition to text.

Premium SMS Billing

Premium SMS can charge the customer's mobile phone bill in one of 2 methods depending on suitability for the service being provided.

MO (Mobile Originating) Billing is a billing session initiated by SMS sent from the customer's mobile phone. For example, if a customer purchases a ringtone by texting a shortcode they will be charged upon sending the SMS.

MT (Mobile Terminating) Billing is billing based on delivery of SMS or MMS to the customer's mobile phone, regardless of whether a message was sent requesting the MT message. For example, if a customer subscribes to a weekly mobile wallpaper service, the consumer will be billed when the message incorporating the wallpaper is sent to their mobile.

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